New ecoat line is ready for production.

Hartford Finishing has completed the installation of our new E-coating / Electro-coating Line.  The installation process has taken some time, but we wanted it done right.  HF has made some changes to the design to increase the efficiency, and uniformity of the coating for a more cost effective, durable finish.  HARTFORD FINISHING IS NOW READY FOR PRODUCTION!  We have partnered with PPG in using their Powercron 6000 epoxy primer CX semi-gloss black e-coat.  PPG is not only the leader in Ecoating products, but Powercron 6000 sets the industry standard and is approved for several large manufacturers. The system was designed and installed to exceed US Government and US Military Standards TT-C-490.  The 13 stages of pretreatment (including acid pickle and zinc phosphate) ensures the highest quality, and most durable finish on your parts.  Salt spray hours are supported in the ranges of 1000 to 1500 salt spray hours.  Call us for more information.

Hartford Finishing has added a new paint removal process

In addition to our chemical stripping capabilities, Hartford Finishing has installed a Thermo Fluidized Sand Bed Stripping Machine.  Unlike normal Thermo stripping, the fluidized sand removes the paint, but also gently scrubs the parts clean at the same time.  There are no hot spots in this process, so there is no damage to parts due to the equal heat dispersion throughout the sand bed.  This process can be used to remove compounds like PVC, PTFE, Rubber, Powder Paint, Wet Paint, or any other organic compound.  The process is cost affective, and environmentally-friendly.  No toxic chemicals, and no hazardous waste is generated from this process.  Call us for more information.  Let Harford Finishing strip your parts.